CVQO Qualifications

Put your passions into practice

Getting highly skilled in your favourite area of study means that you could end up with a number of widely recognised qualifications. It'll help you in the future when you're talking to possible employers. They should already be impressed that you've been a cadet, but the qualifications will really show them what you're made of. We have a range of vocational qualifications available to you, through either ourselves or the Cadet Vocational Qualification Organisation (CVQO) (opens in a new window). Here's a quick overview:

The qualifications

  • BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies (equivalent to 2 GCSEs, A-C grades)
    Once you achieve the 'Master Air Cadet' training syllabus you're automatically entitled to this qualification without any further work. And it's free to cadets.
  • BTEC Award in Aviation Studies (equivalent to 1 GCSE, A-C grade)
    You're eligible for this once you've completed 'First Class' and 'Leading Cadet' training. There is a registration fee for this award.
  • BTEC First Diploma in Public Services (equivalent to 4 GCSEs, A-C grades)
    This internationally respected qualification mixes theory and practical elements with an emphasis on leadership, teamwork, communications, problem solving and fitness. Improving your life skills, the syllabus includes professional CV preparation, interviewing techniques, communication, first aid, adventure training, health and nutrition. Most of the content is covered by activities you'll be doing normally, and you also complete an additional project and workbook. You're eligible for this BTEC if you are between 16 and 19 years old.
  • BTEC First Diploma in Music (equivalent to 4 GCSEs, A-C grades)
    This course helps you develop a basic understanding of music as a profession, and combines both technical skills with practical elements and research. By the time you finish, you'll have demonstrated an understanding of all aspects of performance, including solo and ensemble work and how to manage rehearsals. You will also learn how to market, budget, advertise, programme and publicise a music event. You'll be expected to be able to play a musical instrument prior to enrolling on the course, but do not have to be able to read music. This award is also free if you're 16-19 years old.
  • ILM Certificate in Team Leading - Level 2 - ATC cadets only
    The ILM stands for Institute of Leadership and Management, who manage the course. It mixes theory and practical elements with an emphasis on leadership, teamwork and communications and is your first step to being a great manager or leader in the future - it's a valuable award recognised by employers as a real achievement. You have to have graduated from the ACO Junior Leaders Course to do it, but this award is free.
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