Classification Training

Cadets throughout there time undertake classification training in various subject, which on completion earn them their classification, working there way upto Instructor Cadet. Some camps and activities require a minimum classification before cadets are allowed to attend.

Additionally, on reaching Master Air Cadet Classification, cadets will automatically recieve a BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies (equivalent to 2 GCSEs, A-C grades), without any further work required, and it's free to cadets.

Below are the classification in which cadets can progress, from Junior cadet, upto Instructor Cadets:

Junior Cadet

Junior Cadet

All new cadets are known as Junior Cadets until they are enrolled.

Second Class

Second Class Cadet

After all new cadets are enrolled, they become known as Second Class Cadets.

First Class

First Class Cadet

All cadets go through basic training, learning the basic skills and knowledge that is essential as a cadet.

First class training involves learning about the Air Training Corps, the Royal Air Force, History of Flight, Principles of Airmanship, Map Reading, Basic Radio Communications, Initial Expedition training and Drill and Ceremonial.

Throughout basic training cadets also cover leadership, fieldcraft, knots and lashings, and much more.

Cadets that sucessfully complete basic training are awarded the First Class badge.


Leading Cadet

After passing First Class, cadets are eligable to take the Basic Navigation, Airmanship II and Principles of Flight examinations, which on passing, the cades earns the Leading Cadet Badge.


Senior Cadet

On Senior Examinations, which can include Airframes, Operational Flying and Propulsions, cadets are awarded the Senior Cadet Badge.


Master Air Cadet

After passing their Senior Cadet exams, and reaching the age of 16, cadets are eligable to undertake exams, which on passing earns them the classification of Master Air Cadet. Completion of this classifications awards the cadets with the BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies.


Instructor Cadet

Cadets holding the classification of Master Air Cadet and eligable to attend the Instructor Cadet Instructional Methods (ICIM) course, which on passing makes them eligable for the classification of Instructor Cadet, wearing the yellow lanyard.

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