Do you have the concentrations, focus, agility and steady hands to fire a rifle?

One of the many activities available to cadet is the opportunity to try your hand at rifle shooting, and learn the skill required to safely handle and fire a variety of weapons on dedicated shooting ranges.

Under the tuition of our qualified weapons instructors, you can learn all you need to know about how each rifle works, and how to care for the weapon, in order to pass the weapons handling tests.

Details of the weapons used can be found on the following link. Weapons Types (External Link).

On passing the tests, cadets are enabled to fire the weapon on a shooting range, under the supervision of qualified range staff, and will help you to improve your marksmanship skills, to ultimately gain either a Squadron/Wing/Region/Corps Marksmanship badge.

For details of the types of shooting available follow the link. Types of Shooting (External Link).

Cadets who excel at shooting can also take part in a number of shooting competition. For details follow the link. Shooting Competitions (External Link).

22 (Sandy) Squadron Air Cadets