The Air Cadets, as a military youth organization, sets itself and its members very high standards, including dress and behaviour. We pride ourselves on our standards of discipline, smartness and teamwork, drill is one of the ways in which we achieve these goals.

Drill is taught to all Cadets as they join and go though there time with us in the ATC. There are various commands that each Cadet will have to learn and know how to respond too.

The idea is to enable Cadets to work together in a smart and disciplined way. It is also a good way of creating well disciplined Cadets, who can work together outside of a drill environment both at Air Cadets and outside the organization.

We also take part in public parades every year such as theATC Sunday, Battle of Britain day and Remembrance Sunday, as well as other local occassions. We sometimes parade alongside the regular forces, but more often to represent them at these parades.

22 (Sandy) Squadron Air Cadets