Sandy cadets learn a new craft

Sandy cadets learn a new craftOn Friday 18th March, Air Cadets from 22 (Sandy) Squadron joined two other squadrons for a weekend camp undertaking field craft training.

The camp held at RAF Barnham in Suffolk, saw Sandy cadets join up with 73 (Huntingdon) and 2331 (St. Ives) Squadrons for a weekend outdoors, teaching skills such as making a shelter and testing first aid ability.

On arrival to the camp the cadets were split up into three flights. The more experienced cadets were sent off to live in the field, being given a number of challenges throughout Friday night through till Saturday night.

The rest of the camp, mainly the junior cadets, spent Saturday learning basic skill, such as cooking in the, setting up a shelters, camouflage and concealment, moving around tactically, as well as leadership and teamwork skills.

The weekend ended with a night exercise Saturday, with the cadet being tasked with a number of missions to complete. Sunday morning there was a large first aid exercise undertaken, with many of the cadets putting in some good acting to make the scene more realistic.

Sandy cadets learn a new craft

Cadet Evelyn Harris (13) said “This was my first camp with cadets, and I have had an amazing time. I have also learnt a lot from the activities, and can’t wait till my next camp”.

Cadet Corporal Joshua Bruce (16) also commented “All the cadets did really well this weekend and all seemed to have had a fun time. Activities such as this Barnham camp are great for gaining new skills that can be used throughout your life”.

22 (Sandy) Squadron Air Cadets