Sandy cadets on the water

Canoe & KayakThree Air Cadets from 22 (Sandy) Squadron recently took to the water for a day of Canoe & Kayak training at Priory Park in Bedford.

The day started with the relevant health and safety brief, before being kitted out ready for their day on the water. They then took to the water in the kayaks, where they were shown how to correctly control the kayak, before playing games a few games, such as tag, to test their ability to control the kayak.

After lunch they switched over to the canoes, with two to each canoe, they spent some time on the lake learning how to control the canoe. They also practiced switching positions in the canoe, which wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

They then switched their canoes over to the river, where they took a trip up river using the skills they practiced on the lake, to varying degrees of success, with

Cadet Corporal Tiffany Cotton (15) commented “The day was a really fun experience. The activities were really good, even though I fell in at the end. I would definitely do this again”.

Canoe & Kayak

22 (Sandy) Squadron Air Cadets