Clansman Training

Air Cadets from 22 (Sandy) Squadron and 2065 (Biggleswade) Squadron recently undertook a day’s radio training, learning how to use VHF Clansman radios.

The training was provided by Flight Sergeant Paul Caine ATC, part of the regional radio training team from 1289 (Stratford-Upon-Avon) Squadron.

The Clansman radio system is a range of radio equipment once used by the British Armed Forces, including use in both the Falklands Conflict, and Gulf War.

The main focus of the training was to familiarise the cadets with two types of Clansman radios currently operated by Sandy Squadron.

This training included how to setup and use a ground spike antennas, and how to put up a 5.4 metre mast.

Cadet Ian Mansion, 14, commented “The training day was really good, and it’ll be great to be able now go and use the radios, and work towards achieving the Communicators badge”.

CI Philip Racher, Squadron Radio Officer, said “It’s great to see the cadets learning new skills, such as radio communication. The cadets have had very little experience operating radios, but they picked up the operations and procedures quickly, and shall now use this training to begin working towards the Communicators badge”.

22 (Sandy) Squadron Air Cadets