Celebrating 95 years of the RAF

On Monday 1st April, Air Cadets from 22 (Sandy) Squadron visited the Royal Air Force Museum London, on the 95th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force.

The Royal Air Force was formed on the 1st April 1918, and to celebrate the anniversary, cadets and staff from the Squadron visited the RAF museum at Hendon, London, to learn about the history of the RAF, from its creation through to the present day.

During the museum visit, the cadets got the chance to look around the extensive collection of over 100 aircraft, from early biplanes, to modern jets.

The museums interactive activities also proved to be highly engaging, demonstration many of the aeronautical principles cadets learn through the academic training taught in the Air Cadets.

The visit also allowed the cadets to learn more about 22 Squadron RAF, through which the Squadron has a connection. 22 Squadron actually flew the first operational mission of the Royal Air Force on its formation, and a replica of the type of aircraft used is displayed in the museum.

Cadet Abdul-Raheem Ougergouz (14) said “The visit was really enjoyable day, and there was a lot to look at around the museum. I learnt a lot about the history of the RAF, and the different aircraft that have been used through the years”.

22 (Sandy) Squadron Air Cadets