Weekend Camp at RAF Henlow

Air Cadets from 22 (Sandy) Squadron recently were among 29 cadets attending a weekend training camp at Royal Air Force Henlow, Bedfordshire.

The cadets arrived at RAF Henlow on the evening of Friday 11th January, along with cadets from 73 (Huntingdon), 2065 (Biggleswade), 2462 (Oakley), 2484 (Cambourne) DF, 2484 (Bassingbourn) and 2500 (St Neots) Squadrons.

Saturday the cadets start the morning with a short exercise session, followed by room inspections. After breakfast, the cadets had uniform inspections and a session of drill to prepare for Sunday’s drill competition. The main activity of the day was a bridge build over a stream at Arlesey.

The cadets spent the first part of the afternoon being taught how to assemble a tripod, tying knots, and how to correctly climb across a rope. After lunch, the cadets constructed the bridge of the river, with many cadets deciding to have a go at climbing across, all of which reached the other side feeling a sense of achievement. After returning to base for dinner, the cadets had a sports session, undertaking the bleep test, and taking part in games of hockey and dodge ball.

On Sunday the cadets undertook a number of initiative, teamwork and communication tasks, the drill competition in which the flight performed a drill sequence they had created themselves. Six cadets also got to go gliding at 616 VGS, based at RAF Henlow. The camp ended with a paper plane design competition, and presentation of awards and camp photographs.

Cadet Sergeant Laura Dorrell (16) commented, “The weekend was really changeling, but very rewarding. I’ve meet a lot of new people, and really enjoyed the camp”.

22 (Sandy) Squadron Air Cadets